Watch It Burn


From Africa to Alabama, ordinary people battle with the sudden disintegration of all oil and petroleum products. How will they survive? Without them, civilization as we know it fell apart. Now all the petroleum oxidizing at once is wreaking consequences on the climate.

In Djibouti, Africa, Afar girls like little Hawa are remaking Islam to fit the new world. In Beijing, China, Li is shanghaied to sail outside the Bamboo Curtain to find out what’s really going on. Deirdre Davis, the scientist who accidentally unleashed the petroleum-eating microorganism, fights the demons of her past.

Watch it Burn is the second book in the Eupocalypse series. Book 1, Machine Sickness, is also available.

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Coping With the Aftermath

With nations and corporations breathing their last feeble gasps, can the world rise above warfare and violence?

The machine sickness Deirdre Davis created changed life worldwide in Book 1, Machine Sickness by destroying everything made of petroleum and plastic. Now she’s her own again, struggling for her life while trying to understand the resulting climate cataclysm that may threaten the very architects of humanity’s survival.

Hen Li, forced to man an oar in an Africa-bound ship, washes up at young Meala’s feet when the ship wrecks. As the women of North Africa rebel against the bloody traditions of their ancestors, will the  explosion of neo-Islam separate the star-crossed lovers? Will it cost him his life?

And what is the strange residue the bacteria leaves on the world’s shores? What are the new shadows rising from the depths of the sea? And how can the drones still be dropping bombs from the sky?

Download the volatile second book, Watch It Burn, in the ground-breaking Eupocalypse trilogy by sci-fi writer Peri Dwyer Worrell and lose yourself in the world of possibilities right now!


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