Machine Sickness

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A scientist. GMO bacteria to clean up oil spills.

Suddenly it all goes wrong.

Society’s collapsing. The Feds are chasing her. But so is her past.

Whom can she trust? Follow her as fights her way to the one place where there may be a cure.


Oil Spills Aren’t All It Eats…

Microbiologist Deirdre Davis created the GMO bacterium to clean up oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico.

But something’s gone terribly wrong. America’s disintegrating in violence around her.

She thought she could trust her colleagues. But one of them somehow corrupted the bacteria’s DNA, and now it’s ravaging the planet with blinding speed.

Chaos reigns. No one knows what’s happening as the items and substances we depend on begin to malfunction and fall apart. Snatched by shady federal intelligence agents, she barely escapes with her life and sanity.

A handsome Texan aids her, but can she trust him? More important: can they make it alive to the secure science haven where she may find help in coping with the contagion? Can she defeat the terrors and tragedies of her past while they struggle to travel on roads that are melting beneath their feet?

And will they believe her when she gets there?

Download the edgy novel, Machine Sickness, described as “a cross between The Andromeda Strain and Walkaway,” by sci-fi writer Peri Dwyer Worrell, and lose yourself in the twists and turns of the story right now!


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