Are You Ready?

You are ready for the Eupocalypse:

…if you enjoy books with a strong science premise, kickass female characters, a voluntarist viewpoint,  and a dark and edgy side. Machine Sickness (Book 1) is a post-apocalyptic utopian novel. The main character, a disillusioned environmental microbiologist, is caught up in the dissolution of civilization as we know it. She quickly realizes she is the source of it, as she’s been betrayed by a colleague who did not share her vision.

Cycling through multiple viewpoints, the book also offers new perspectives on life in flyover America, with unique and unapologetic perspectives on its real diversity. Another vision glimpsed in the book is the dawning via catastrophe of an era of radical decentralization, ushered in by a disaster which destroys the structures of command and control we allow to shape our lives unchallenged.

Watch It Burn (Book 2) zooms out to encompass the Bohai Bay collapse and its aftermath, as well as the changes at AFRICOM in Djibouti, in the Horn of Africa. Intense exploration of disturbing themes such as Islam and FGM (female genital mutilation) interweave with an improbable love story. We also revisit the characters from Book 1, but the story doesn’t take them where you might expect…